Hiposoya-Soy Gelato Base

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Soy based low-fat Gelato base, Ideal for milk intolerants and soy amateurs.

Hiposoya-Soy Italian Gelato Base

Elio Importing Ltd. Gelato & Patisserie Confectionery Products

Packaging: 20 x 1 Kg

Hiposoya (Soy base) - gelato powder preparation

Soy-based low fat gelato base.  Ideal for milk intolerants and soy amateurs.

Italian Gelato Recipe: 400gr Hiposoya, 1000gr skimmed milk or water

Work the above ingredients cold.  It is not necessary to add the other ingredients until the preparation is complete; other ready to use fat free products can be used to create other flavors. For best results, wait about 30 minutes before churning/batch freezing the mixture. Confectionery Perfection through Elenka.