Liquid Preparation

This is Elenka's signature custard cream flavor. An egg cream enriched with Rum flavor (no alcohol) and scents of Sicilian lemons, oranges and mandarins. It is used for Gelato, pastry creams, butter-cream, chantilly, toppings and sponge cake.

Gelato recipe: 30gr Zuppa Inglese, 1000gr White base mix. You can soak sponge cake with diluted Elenka Alkermes and then mix thru the Gelato.

Pastry recipe: Shortcrust Biscottini:  100gr. Crema Pasticcera Elenka, 750gr. Margarine, 400gr. sugar. Mount in lanetary mixer. Add 250gr. Eggs, 30gr Zuppa Inglese. When well mounted add 1000gr. Flour (T00). Bake in oven at 200C for 18-20min (closed valve)

Packaging:  6 x 2.6Kg