Each eggplant is grown in Quebec, is picked, peeled and cut by hand and transformed in Valli's factories in order to preserve all the delicacy and freshness. The taste of the marinades are so popular and respected by many consumers for over 15 years. Mushrooms. In addition to the eggplant, offer a wide variety of mushrooms in spicy or sweet oil. Valli mushrooms are carefully selected and processed.


Elio Importing Ltd. Italian Food Importers

Importing fine Italian foods & toiletries, both traditional Italian food and modern Italian foods. Elio Importing providing your neighborhood Italian Grocery store's and Italian Bakery's with traditional Italian products, Talatta Anchovies.

VALLI - ITALIAN - CONDIMENTS Italian Fine Whole Foods.

Also Fine Gelato and Patisserie Line, Elenka from Palermo Italy available through Elio Importing Ltd. Fine Italian Foods.

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