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Elenka's 50 year worldwide success in Italian Gelato and confectionery, are rooted in a tradition of Sicily. Elenka dedicates to the Gelato artisan with its finest ingredients and its simple non-convoluted recipes inspiring the novice.

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Elenka prides itself with its all natural raw ingredients with 200 Gluten-Free flavors resulting in the #1 sold Gelato in Italy.

New Jersey's most famous cake maker 'The Cake Boss' delights over his Elenka products, seen on his smash hit series and featuring cakes for The Oprah Winfrey show, Good Morning America and The View.

Elenka continues to offer new healthy trends for the consumer and continues to be forward thinking and innovative for all its customers.

Elio Importing fine Italian Foods, introduces Elenka Italian gelato and patisserie flavourings. Elio Importing providing your neighborhood Italian Gelaterian and Italian Patisserie Bakery with traditional Italian Gelato and Patisserie products. Confectionery Products.

Fine Gelato and Patisserie Line, Elenka from Palermo Italy available through Elio Importing Ltd. Fine Italian Foods.

Elio Importing Ltd. 905-738-0646 sales@elioimporting.com