Traditional Italian Ice cream and Artison Italian Pastry pastes are used in a white base mix to give flavor to gelato. They can all be used in Italian Pastry to give flavor to mousse, custard, patisserie creme, chantilly and heavy cream. Confectionery perfection.


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Elio Importing fine Italian Foods, introduces Elenka Italian gelato and patisserie products. Elio Importing providing your neighborhood Italian Gelaterian and Italian Patisserie Bakery with traditional Italian Elenka Gelato and Patisserie products. Confectionery Products.

Fine Gelato and Patisserie Line, Elenka from Palermo Italy available through Elio Importing Ltd. Fine Italian Foods.

Elio Importing Ltd. 905-738-0646


Elenka Biscotto Pasta

Elenka Biscotto Pasta (Cookies and Cream)

3 Kg 4 Units per case

Gelato Recipe: Use with 70 grams Fanta Biscotti Mix thru

70 gr - 150 gr Biscotti, 1000 gr white base mix

Elenka Menta Green

Elenka Menta Mint Green

3 Kg 4 Units per case

Gelato Recipe, 70 gr to 1000 gram base mix

Used for Chocolate Mint as well

Elenka Rinforzo Cafe

Rinforzo Cafe

4 KG Plastic Jar

Intense Coffee Flavouring

Gelato Recipe: 20 gr Rinforzo Caffe, 1000 gr White base mix, also can be used as a mix-thru

Italian Pastry Recipe: 20 gr Rinforzo Caffe, 1000 gr pastry or heavy cream

Elenka Cremottocento

Cremotto Cento - Homemade Cream with Egg, Lemon Rind & Vanilla Pods

4 Units 3 KG each

Gelato Recipe: 70 gr - 150 gr Crema ottocento, 1000gr White Base Mix

Pastry Recipe: 70 gr - 130 gr Crema ottocento, 100gr pastry or heavy Cream

torrone granellato

Elenka Gelato Torrone Granellato

Uses: Gelato's, Italian Pastry's, Italian Ice cream a Confectionery Product.

Elenka Gelato Torrone Granellato

Torrone Granellato 500 gram

Packaging: 18 x 500 grams

Elenka Gelato Cannoli Sicilian Cannoli Cookie Included

Elio Importing Fine Italian Foods, Italian Gelato & Italian Patisserie products

Elenka Gelato Cannoli Sicilian

Cannoli Sicilian Paste - comes with pastry shells

Packaging: 4 x 3 Kg

Elenka Zuppa Inlglese ORIGINAL 2.6 Kg

Zuppa inglese for Gelato and Italian Pastry recipes, This is Elenka's signature confectionery custard cream flavour, An egg cream enriched with Rhum flavour (no alcohol) and scents of Sicilian lemons, oranges and mandarines. It is used for Gelato, pastry creams, butter cream, chantilly, toppings and sponge cake. Confectionery perfection.

Zuppa Inlglese ORIGINAL

(dose 30g)  2.6 Kg 1 Unit per case